With over 30 years of legal experience in the private and public sectors, Cheryl Cronin has earned an impressive record of successfully representing clients, particularly in high-profile matters involving public law enforcement agencies. She is recognized as one of the leading Massachusetts lawyers in matters involving administrative and regulatory agency disputes, the conflict of interest law, election law, and other public and quasi-public matters.

She has represented prominent federal, state and city public officials, large corporations, law firms, private individuals, and political and non-profit organizations. In addition to her aggressive defense of clients in these matters, Attorney Cronin has also pursued actions on behalf of individuals asserting rights in the employment and discrimination area, individuals and companies pursuing rights and claims involving state and other contracts, and advised major companies and organizations on a variety of compliance matters and the application of conflict of interest, lobbying, and other regulatory statutes.

A graduate of Boston College Law School and the University of Massachusetts (summa cum laude), Attorney Cronin began her legal career as the first General Counsel of the Office of Campaign & Political Finance, the state agency which regulates all election and political activity in the Commonwealth. She worked closely with other state agencies including the State Ethics Commission, Office of the Inspector General and State Auditor’s Office. She authored the first comprehensive regulations and advisory opinions in the campaign finance and political area. She was also responsible for all investigative and enforcement actions by that agency. She then served as an Assistant Attorney General, and Legislative Counsel in the Executive Bureau of the Office of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth where she wrote comprehensive legislation in a variety of areas.

She commenced her private sector career in l989. Since that time she has appeared on behalf of many and diverse clients in administrative enforcement and litigation matters. She is the author of several publications in the conflict of interest, campaign finance and related areas, and has been a guest lecturer and speaker.

Cheryl has been an active participant in professional, community and political organizations. She served as the General Counsel for the Host Committee for the 2004 Democratic National Convention, a two year pro bono effort culminating in her recognition as a 2004 Massachusetts Lawyer of the Year. In 2008 and again for 2012, she serves as co-State Counsel in Massachusetts for the Obama for America presidential campaign. Cheryl serves as General Counsel for the Progressive Business Leaders Network. She is on the Board of Direcctors of the National Center for Time and Learning and the Greenway Conservancy. She was the 2010 recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt award from the Massachusetts Democratic Party, and was listed in Boston Magazine this year as one of the fifty most powerful women in Boston.